Friv 123

Halloween Bubble ShooterHalloween Bubble Shooter
Halloween themed bubble shooter game.
epsilon strainepsilon strain
The Goal of the game is to clear all 5 sectors. Each sector consists of several missions, and are visible within the map. The numbers on each mission indicate their difficulty level. Progress through all levels to unlock the next sector. Zombie's Often drop energy packlets. These are used as ammos(blue) and to recharge the armor(green). Your Armor and weapon can also auto recharge at a slower rate. After each cleared mission you are able to scavenge the area. Level summary screen will show what you have found, usually credits and mod-chips. Mod-chips allow you to modify your weapon.
2009 Winter Race2009 Winter Race
Select car and start racing!
Put the little bears into the boxes using just a few movements. Watch in the left-inferior side of the screen the movements that you still have. Each little bear will show you how many movements you made if you make click on him.
Draw a constellation of stars like the one in the example before time runs out
Spittin ImageSpittin Image
Can you spit out rhymes to match Miss Rap Supreme?
Ben 10 memory matchBen 10 memory match
Flip and remember the pictures in any block and click on the rest of the blocks consequently,click on the same type of Ben 10 objects as quick as possible to get more scores.
Outer Space DefenceOuter Space Defence
A classic cartooon, an unforgetful memory,rick cater,lisa hansen,Akemi...they are all memeorable names.with the passionate melodies,let us go back to the past unforgetful times!
Defense ghost 2Defense ghost 2
You need to defend the tower against the many upcoming ghost waves. You can use special attacks, buy new weapons and buy defenders who will help you attack the ghosts.
Ben 10 the alien deviceBen 10 the alien device
Lead Ben 10, the grandpa Max and his cousin Gwen in this great adventure. Use the mouse to find clues and move through the scenarios.
Ben 10 speedy runnerBen 10 speedy runner
Help Ben 10 to collect crystals. You must reach finish before time is up.
Ben 10 stunt rideBen 10 stunt ride
Here is a chance to do stunts with your favorite Ben 10. Ride your bike, check the obstacles, drive carefully and follow the instructions on your way to clear level. The more good stunt you do, the more points you earn. You have limited lives to clear level. Get set Go...!
Tattoo style shopTattoo style shop
It's not just ink—it's art. Listen to your customers and design their dream tattoos in Story Mode, or style and tattoo customers to your heart's content in Creative Mode.
Twin cat warriorTwin cat warrior
Twin Cat Warrior is physics platform game similar to another adventure flash game FireBoy & WaterGirl. Help twin Cat Warrior collect all jewels on a level and reach to the finish.
Angry Birds ShootAngry Birds Shoot
This bird versus pig war has gotten tiresome! Pick up a machine gun and shoot them all in this cool reaction
Bad Ice CreamBad Ice Cream
Break the ice blocks and break them, collect fruits and avoid being flattened by the enemies!
Mafia the revengeMafia the revenge
You belong to one of the dangerous mafia families of the world. The day started as a normal day. The Don had a deal with another mafia family. While waiting on the other family, the Don gets whacked by a sniper rifle. It is up to you to take revenge.
Snail Bob 2Snail Bob 2
Snail Bob's back—and it's grandpa's birthday party or bust!
Flying ice cream that the birds cant reach! How cruel! Luckily our feathered friends have themeselves a giant catapult. Fire them from the catapult and help them collect as many sugary treats as you can. Reach the target score to beat each level.
Angry Birds RioAngry Birds Rio
Come to rescue the trapped birds! Those poor angry birds are kidnapped in a magic city in various cages and they are in desperate need of your help! The angry birds are undergoing mistreatment's and hunting from the pursuer all the way, while they need to rescue their companions Bul and Jewel--the leading birds in RIO from the trap in the spooky magic city.
Ben 10 MotocrossBen 10 Motocross
This is a special motocross game, starring the boy hero, Ben 10. He is still learning how to handle such a powerful motorcycle, but you are here to help him. Together, you will have to manage your way through the terrain and collect the symbols.
Star MassStar Mass
An escort mission for a mining operation meets trouble as pirates pour into the sector. You have to protect the sector and defeat the pirate\'s control fleet. Command your fleet through a storyline spanning 20 levels, pushing back the pirate onslaught and discovering the real reason why they suddenly appeared all over the region. Defeat worthy opponents and legendary super bosses to protect the region.
The Adventures Of RedThe Adventures Of Red
Help Red find his way through the castle and the challenges it presents in search of a chocolate muffin.
Mario BMXMario BMX
Mario is once again in the crazy world and lost his way, help him complete the levels on his BMX and collect as many coins as possible.
Bloopers Bloopers
Help the bloopers take out the irritating light bulbs.
Match-3 game with shrinking board.You have 10 moves before board shrinks.
Elevator EscapeElevator Escape
The 42nd escape game from While going to your apartment, you are trapped inside the elevator. You will have to escape from the elevator by using the objects accordingly.

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