Friv 5000

Operation Alien RescueOperation Alien Rescue
Help Buzz rescue the aliens.
Disco BowlingDisco Bowling
Have you ever bowled? We bet you have. Don't you love it? We sure do!
Disney princess 5 differenceDisney princess 5 difference
Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle - all that wonderful Princess you might discover in 5 photos in this game! Use your mouse and click on the differences if you find in two photographs. There are 5 pairs of photos. In every single of them you will discover five differences. If you click on the ideal spot you get point, but in case you mistake and click away from the correct place you get negative point. Maximum it is possible to get 5000 points. Time is limited, so try to finish before time runs out. Once you lose, just about every subsequent time you get started from the beginning.
Unlike regular bubble shooter game, in this game, you can only pop bubble with certain bubble. Use this condition to collect as much as bubbles before you pop them. The more you pop, the more monkey is getting down. Try to prevent the monkey to get the fruit by make it down.
truck racing challengetruck racing challenge
Part 2. This time, race your truck in the desert against other truck drivers. Test your racing skills and race against others and unlock levels as you win. There will be bonus rounds as well.
Alien shootingAlien shooting
The player has to shoot different aliens to proceed to next levels. Shooting a wrong alien deducts a life. The alien ,that should shot changes in few seconds.
Ben 10 speedy runnerBen 10 speedy runner
Help Ben 10 to collect crystals. You must reach finish before time is up.
ben 10 fix my tilesben 10 fix my tiles
Place on the right place the pieces from the Ben 10 puzzle and complete it quickly
Tattoo style shopTattoo style shop
It's not just ink—it's art. Listen to your customers and design their dream tattoos in Story Mode, or style and tattoo customers to your heart's content in Creative Mode.
Twin cat warriorTwin cat warrior
Twin Cat Warrior is physics platform game similar to another adventure flash game FireBoy & WaterGirl. Help twin Cat Warrior collect all jewels on a level and reach to the finish.
Angry Birds ShootAngry Birds Shoot
This bird versus pig war has gotten tiresome! Pick up a machine gun and shoot them all in this cool reaction
Savvy MathSavvy Math
This gameChoose numbers whose sum is equal to the number in the lower left corner! Clear the board before time runs out and advance to the next level. How many levels can you beat? Have a marvelous time adding up Savvy Math!
Armor MayhemArmor Mayhem
Friv Armor Mayhem Humanity is at a turning point. A new energy has been found and you have to fight for it.
zombie pinballzombie pinball
Ping ghosts, kill zombies and fight bosses all with a pinball in a graveyard. Fun but challenging, can you kill the zombies before you fall? Original idea, classic pinball.
Toys BikersToys Bikers
Have you ever seen a Teddy Bear drive a motorcycle? Probably not! In this bike game, you must complete all levels in a shortest time without falling of the motorbike. Have fun to play in the Toy Universe.
Baby MarioBaby Mario
Mario always loved adventure. When you look back , when Mario still was a baby. He was already collecting coins and avoiding enemies on dangerous platforms.
Drift ManiacDrift Maniac
Drift Maniac is a car drifting game, drift around the several tracks unlock new levels and break the records.
Ben10 free runnerBen10 free runner
Collect all the coin to extra your score, and all the heart to extra your running time.
Super TruckSuper Truck
You are a good truckman. Here is a freightage task. Carry the freight from a factory to the destination. In the process, you will experience some trouble. Try your best to solve the problem. You can do a good job! Come on!
Ben10 ultimate moto 2Ben10 ultimate moto 2
Drive your bike and complete all levels for as fast as possible.
Match-3 game with shrinking board.You have 10 moves before board shrinks.
3D Stunt Pilot3D Stunt Pilot
Those magnificent men in their flying machines are racing against the clock in 3D Stunt Pilot. Navigate the courses in the quickest time possible and emerge victorious.
Super Supper 9Super Supper 9
My foreign visitors will be arriving tomorrow in the afternoon, which means I must have finished every kitchen task by tomorrow. Lets get to work together and we can prepare a perfect table!
The Kissing LoversThe Kissing Lovers
In the first and second level, help the boy and the girl to kiss each other without being noticed by the friend who is always with them.
Devil EntranceDevil Entrance
Survive for as long as possible by shooting the devils without getting hurt.
Penguin Ice BreakerPenguin Ice Breaker
The little Penguin is on its way to Antarctica. To reach the place safely, make the Penguin to break the ice blocks and the other marine mammals using the hammer. Use the right arrow key to move the Penguin and space bar to break the ice blocks and the other marine mammals. In the 1st level, score a minimum of 15000 in 90 seconds, and in the 2nd and 3rd levels score a minimum of 10000 in 120 seconds.
Jumb With LifeJumb With Life
Jump and don't touch the 5000 volt cable because you lost your body parts.

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