Friv 50

Operation Alien RescueOperation Alien Rescue
Help Buzz rescue the aliens.
Disco BowlingDisco Bowling
Have you ever bowled? We bet you have. Don't you love it? We sure do!
Disney princess 5 differenceDisney princess 5 difference
Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle - all that wonderful Princess you might discover in 5 photos in this game! Use your mouse and click on the differences if you find in two photographs. There are 5 pairs of photos. In every single of them you will discover five differences. If you click on the ideal spot you get point, but in case you mistake and click away from the correct place you get negative point. Maximum it is possible to get 5000 points. Time is limited, so try to finish before time runs out. Once you lose, just about every subsequent time you get started from the beginning.
Unlike regular bubble shooter game, in this game, you can only pop bubble with certain bubble. Use this condition to collect as much as bubbles before you pop them. The more you pop, the more monkey is getting down. Try to prevent the monkey to get the fruit by make it down.
truck racing challengetruck racing challenge
Part 2. This time, race your truck in the desert against other truck drivers. Test your racing skills and race against others and unlock levels as you win. There will be bonus rounds as well.
Alien shootingAlien shooting
The player has to shoot different aliens to proceed to next levels. Shooting a wrong alien deducts a life. The alien ,that should shot changes in few seconds.
Backyard sports sandlot sluggeBackyard sports sandlot sluggers
First you will be asked to choose a player and a team to bat for. You must then complete several levels to improve your batting. Each level will present you with a different task to achieve in order to proceed. You must work your way up from batting in Pablo’s Sandlot, through the Commons until you are playing in Garcia’s Mansion. Every 2,500 points earn a Firebat that makes the ball too hot to handle! At 10,000 points earn a Meteor Ball that gives you a 100% chance of a homerun!
Ben 10 speedy runnerBen 10 speedy runner
Help Ben 10 to collect crystals. You must reach finish before time is up.
Ben 10 hero matrixBen 10 hero matrix
Use the Ben 10 Hero Matrix to create your own alien heroes to print and share with your friends.
ben 10 fix my tilesben 10 fix my tiles
Place on the right place the pieces from the Ben 10 puzzle and complete it quickly
Some old school racing similar to the Top Gear and Lotus Challenge games. The player must compete in five tournaments against seven other drivers to ultimately win the world championship. In total, 20 races can be played in various weather conditions and environments.
Tattoo style shopTattoo style shop
It's not just ink—it's art. Listen to your customers and design their dream tattoos in Story Mode, or style and tattoo customers to your heart's content in Creative Mode.
Monsters tdMonsters td
Protect our world from monsters! Click to place towers on the base stations to stun or damage the invaders—different towers have different capabilities, so choose wisely. Kill all the monsters before they come through the portal to Earth!
Red ball 2Red ball 2
Solve the physics puzzles in this sidescroller as you push shapes and time disappearing platforms.
dead zeddead zed
The zombies are advancing, so aim and shoot to wipe the undead off the map. Switch weapons and remember to reload or you'll become a nutritious snack. Your goal: survive for 40 days until help arrives, destroying waves of the walking dead. Raid the neighborhood for supplies and other survivors, and recruit them to your action-packed cause!
The axe ninjaThe axe ninja
The Axe Ninja is entrusted with the mission of protecting the beautiful Kuku fairies. But there are lots of monsters in the wild. Will you be able to protect all the fairies?? There are 10 levels of increasing difficulty. There are several different monsters for every level, and this makes the game quite challenging. You are supposed to save all the fairies in every level. A fairy dies if any monster touches her. So you have to kill the monsters before they reach the fairies.
Twin cat warriorTwin cat warrior
Twin Cat Warrior is physics platform game similar to another adventure flash game FireBoy & WaterGirl. Help twin Cat Warrior collect all jewels on a level and reach to the finish.
Sweet jerry dress upSweet jerry dress up
Choose the best outfit for Jerry Mouse.
Angry Birds HunterAngry Birds Hunter
I think everyone has heard of Angry Birds. We offer you a game of shooting, this is the opportunity to use your logic and skill to shoot the birds.
Angry Birds ShootAngry Birds Shoot
This bird versus pig war has gotten tiresome! Pick up a machine gun and shoot them all in this cool reaction
Mad Bombs 2Mad Bombs 2
Friv Mad Bombs 2,Sometimes slaying zombies requires some self-sacrifice...Light your fuse on the torch, and then get to the zombie pirates before you blow up in this explosive physics game!
Savvy MathSavvy Math
This gameChoose numbers whose sum is equal to the number in the lower left corner! Clear the board before time runs out and advance to the next level. How many levels can you beat? Have a marvelous time adding up Savvy Math!
Give Up Robot 2Give Up Robot 2
This sequel takes the jumping, grappling and swinging insanity of the original and adds jetpacks, conveyor belts, electrified blocks, lasers, rockets, moving blocks, bosses and more. You will have to have patience and perseverance to make it through the 60 levels in Normal mode and the punishing 12 additional levels in Hard mode. Good luck
Armor MayhemArmor Mayhem
Friv Armor Mayhem Humanity is at a turning point. A new energy has been found and you have to fight for it.
cute kiss on mooncute kiss on moon
These cute young couple are going to marry tomorrow, but their urge of love made them meet each other tonight secretly for a little romance! Help them kiss each other without getting noticed by the Lovely Moon and the Angels!
zombie pinballzombie pinball
Ping ghosts, kill zombies and fight bosses all with a pinball in a graveyard. Fun but challenging, can you kill the zombies before you fall? Original idea, classic pinball.
Mafia the revengeMafia the revenge
You belong to one of the dangerous mafia families of the world. The day started as a normal day. The Don had a deal with another mafia family. While waiting on the other family, the Don gets whacked by a sniper rifle. It is up to you to take revenge.

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